Gryphon Code Download Page

    As indicated on the main applet page section, this code is provided "as is" with no given or implied warranties of any kind.  The author cannot be responsible for any use of the code, effects on computer hardware or software, or use of results obtained with the code.  This program is to be used "AT YOUR OWN RISK"!!!

    Please see the user's manual for detailed instructions on running the code Gryphon.  There are 3 ways in which to use Gryphon.  They are listed here, in order of preference.

    A version of 1.40 or higher of the Java Virtual Machine is required for the code to operate.

Option #1: The Preferred Method
    If Java Web Start is installed on the local system, Gryphon can be run by simply clicking the link given here to the Gryphon JNLP file:
Run Gryphon JNLP File

Option #2: Resticted Running through an Applet
    With version 1.40 or higher running as a plug-in to your web-browser, selecting the LAUNCH button below will start the Gryphon code.

Option #3: Download the Gryphon class file bundle
    The JAR file containing all the necessary class files for Gryphon can be downloaded and statically installed by downloading the link here:
download  Gryphon JAR Files
After unpacking the JAR file, the code may be run by running the Euler1DGUI.class file in the Java VM.