Euchre Game Rule and History Links:

Below are a few links to some external sites that contain some rules and descriptions of the game of Euchre.  It was decided that there was no point in posting another rules list when these sites explain it well enough.  These sites will open in a new window and are not affiliated with this site in any way (thus broken links, site content, etc. are no responsibility of the site).

Semi-official Euchre Home Page
Rules of Euchre

It is useful to note that games are played to the standard 10 points.  When the game start dialog box appears, one may enter a player name and the names of computer opponents.  There is also a checkbox in that dialog to "play in training mode."  This option was used for initial code debugging, but was left in as it offers a way for new users to learn the game after reading a bit about the rules from the links above.  In training mode, all players play with their cards face up.  This lets a novice see how the game progresses at first!

Eventual goals are to improve the AI algorithms.  Right now, the computer logic is reasonable.  It tends to be somewhat aggressive.  It does make some questionable moves sometimes (calling trump on borderline cards, etc.) but this is only human!  No one wants to play against opponents that are always predictable.  there is always room for improvements in this area though!  Also, a main future upgrade to the game would be to include networking so that players may play against each other.

Euchre Game Release Information:
game version AI revision network revision changes/updates
1.2 1.0 0.0
  • initial beta test version posted to WWW
  • test of GUI and AI routines
1.3 1.0 0.0
  • performed minor fixes on the status panel, including listing the dealer and caller for each trick
  • made some modifications to the game routines to make the algorithm more robust
  • changes to the way a game is started if there is already one running
  • de-activated all debugging modes